Tequila™ Bracelet
Tequila Bracelet by MancessoriesUSA features White Porcelain and Natural White Howlite semiprecious stones.
Tequila™ Bracelet

Tequila™ Bracelet

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Kick back and enjoy the heatwave. Summer fun is here! Gather with friends for a breezy evening on the patio sipping your favorite beverage and sharing stories of past adventures or trips planned to fantastic places that inspire and awe.

The Tequila Bracelet by MancessoriesUSA™ features brilliant white semi translucent Porcelain beads and Natural White Howlite stones surrounding a naturally shaped Chartreuse Feature Stone similar in color to a cold, thirst quenching margarita.

Genuine Sterling Silver corrugated beads embrace the Chartreuse Feature Stone and dazzling white Porcelain beads. And, our designer has placed White Howlite stones against stainless steel beads and shiny antique silver-finished accent beads and spacers to round out the look. Wear this limited production Tequila Bracelet with pride.

The wearer of the Tequila Bracelet may find the White Howlite stones strengthening his memory recall and providing calm and reasoned communications: attributes valuable in any social situation.

Limited production.


Natural Shaped Chartreuse Feature Stone

White Howlite Semiprecious Stones 10mm

Sterling Silver Corrugated Saucer Beads

Gloss Pure White Porcelain 10mm

Antiqued Silver Spacers

Stainless Steel Beads 10mm

Black Signature Closure 10mm

14lb. Test Elastic Powercord® for Strength

Two Sizes Available – See Measure Your Wrist Page

Complimentary Black Gift Box

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