About Mancessories

The Modern Man of Style defines his own look by choosing accessories to reflect his personality in any situation, be it a corporate business meeting, casual break at the espresso bar, an evening entertaining clients, or weekend get away.

We hope you will claim us as a 'go to' style guide and source for unique, defining men's fashion.

We strive to use responsibly and ethically produced materials. And, all MancessoriesUSA raw goods are sourced globally, but assembled locally in Arizona, USA, by craftsmen focused on quality.

MancessoriesUSA searches the planet over to discover quality semiprecious gemstones and beads to skillfully construct beautiful accessories to be proudly worn by the Modern Man of Style.


What makes your bracelets so Special?

Annually, David attends several of the largest gemstone shows in the world scouring thousands of semi-precious stones to find unusual, eye catching and comment worthy materials. It is not unusual for us to be stopped on the street by persons inquiring about our bracelets.

Will my bracelet look like the one pictured?

Each naturally formed gemstone is unique in color, and in some cases size and shape. Consider photographs in our collections as accurate depictions of the merchandise you will receive. But be aware, there will be slight variations in shape and color and size of items such as crystals and tumbled stones. In the case of bracelets, variances may be found in the number of spacer beads to facilitate manufacture of the item to a specific length to fit most adult male wrists. MancessoriesUSA will not accept returns for variations in general appearance from pictures in the product catalog.

Why does MancessoriesUSA only offer two bracelet sizes?

MancessoriesUSA bracelets are strung with 14 lb. test monofilament, latex-free, stretchy Powercord®. The engineered length of each bracelet will fit most adult men's wrists. If your wrists are unusually thick or thin, contact us before ordering a bracelet as we may be able to accommodate you for a nominal charge. MancessoriesUSA does not accept returns for poor fitment.

How to I maintain my bracelet?

The bracelets contain 4 primary elements. (1) semi-precious gemstones, (2) metallic beads and spacers, (3) delicate, natural elements such as wood and bone, and (4) the elastic Powercord®. Although your bracelet is rugged, care should be taken to ensure it's longevity. Treat it like you would any fine jewelry. Stones are hard and can chip or lose their shine. If necessary, rinse your bracelet under clear water and gently clean with mild soap and a microfiber cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals so as to not etch the stones.

Silver components may tarnish over time, particularly if the bracelet has been stored for a long period. Use a quality silver polish and microfiber towel to clean following instructions on the polish bottle. Avoid getting excessive polish on the stones by stretching the cord slightly to separate the silver piece. Rinse the bracelet to remove all polish residue-a soft bristle brush may be helpful. Dry the bracelet thoroughly after cleaning.  The Powercord is quite durable and requires no maintenance. But, avoid overstretching.

Wood components should never be allowed to get wet. Although most have a wax or other protective finish, the holes are unprotected from moisture. When wet, the beads may split, crack, or fall away from the bracelet. Water damage is not covered by MancessoriesUSA limited warranty. However, we can repair your bracelet if desired.

Bone components are a unique feature of several MancessoriesUSA bracelets. These particular beads come from Africa and are quite fragile. Do not get the material wet or strike it against hard objects to prevent chipping or breaking. Also, the decorative finish will wear off over time. This physical damage and finish wear is not covered by MancessoriesUSA limited warranty.

Why does my bracelet come in a bracelet box?

MancessoriesUSA provides quality products and likes to present them in the best possible light. The bracelet boxes are matte black and contain a bracelet, Thank You and Care card, and padding. The box is ideal for storing your semi-precious stone bracelet to prevent marring. And, if you are presenting your purchase as a gift, it is ready to go. You will feel good about presenting a fine gift.


Are the Collages Truly Unique?

Each signed MancessoriesUSA Collage is one-of-a-kind piece.

What Size are the Collages?

The description of each Collage indicates it's size.

Are the Collages Framed?

Most Collages are available framed or unframed and will be so indicated in the description. Be sure to select the proper format.

How do I know which Photographer's Image Appears in My Collage?

The product description, as well as the art piece indicates the appropriate photographer's name.


How do you Pack and Ship my Purchase?

All MancessoriesUSA products are shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. This assures your purchase will be sent in a cardboard box (not an envelope like our competitors). Shipping via Priority Mail allows both you and MancessoriesUSA to track the package's movement through the postal delivery system.

Currently, shipping is FREE on all orders to USA addresses.

Shipping to foreign countries is calculated at checkout.



Period of Coverage

Bracelets are warranted to the original RETAIL purchaser for 90 days after order shipping date if purchased from MancessoriesUSA directly, or the Retail Sales ticket if purchased through a MancessoriesUSA retail partner.

What is Covered

The warranty covers only broken stones, metal pieces and broken cord. The warranty does not cover variations in color or size of natural stones, or fitment.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Contact us at sales.mancessoriesUSA@gmail.com to initiate a claim. You will need to provide a copy of your retail sales receipt if purchased from a MancessoriesUSA retail partner. Please, do not attempt to return the product to the retailer. If you purchased your product through our website we will have all the pertinent sales information.

After MancessoriesUSA approval of your return request, you will need to ship the defective product (or remaining parts) to us at your expense. Upon receipt we will repair or replace the product and send it to you at our expense.

Repairing a Bracelet that is out of Warranty

If your bracelet is damaged after the 90 day warranty period we will gladly repair it for you at your expense. E-mail us at sales.mancessoriesUSA@gmail.com for instructions on how to proceed with the repair.


There is no warranty provision on collages. If collages are damaged in shipping, file a claim with the shipper. We will assist you any way we can in restoring your piece. Contact us at sales.mancessoriesUSA@gmail.com for assistance.