Father's Day 10% DISCOUNT with code: Father FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!
Father's Day 10% DISCOUNT with code: Father FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!
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  • Silver Greek Key Space Beads for Men's Bracelets
  • Red Coral for Men's Bracelets

MancessoriesUSA Bracelets

 MancessoriesUSA constructs unique Men's Bracelets featuring genuine high grade semi-precious gemstones, gold and sliver findings and a signature closure. And, before you consider ordering from "the other guy" ask them about their elastic band - ours is clear and 1mm thick for maximum strenght - 14 pounds strong!

Our designer bracelets are usually offered in very limited production runs to provide unique offerings so the wearer is not likely to see a similar bracelet on his friends.

Bracelets are skillfully assembled by the local community of elder crafts persons in the Southwest USA.

Each MancessoriesUSA bracelet is packaged in a sophisticated matte black bracelet box perfect for gift giving. And, we ship via USPS Priority mail to protect your purchase and allow you to track the shipment.

Accessories for the Modern Man of Style

The Modern Man of Style defines his own look by choosing accessories to reflect his personality in any situation, be it a corporate business meeting, casual break at the espresso bar, an evening entertaining clients, or weekend retreat.

We hope you will claim us as a 'go to' style guide and source for unique, defining men's fashion.

We strive to use responsibly and ethically produced materials. And, all Mancessories are sourced globally, but assembled locally in Arizona by craftsmen focused on quality.