Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet
Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet
Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet

Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet

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The bumpy surface of The Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet instantly brings to mind a bright, crystal clear day in the polar reaches of the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. Or, a brisk walk in freshly fallen snow or the bubbly water of fun in a pool. Bright and airy and clean! The bracelet is fresh and crisp with sparkling white agate.

Metaphysically, White Agate may help harmonize an individual’s feminine and masculine sides. It is also believed agates in general could improve concentration and analytical frames of mind, as well as encouraging trust.

 The Ice Baby, Ice™ Bracelet – a limited production from MancessoriesUSA™.


Vintage Icy Blue Acrylic Features 14mm

White Agate 10mm

Frosted Glass 10mm

Silver Finished Woodgrain Rondelles

14lb. Test Elastic Powercord® for Strength

Two Sizes Available – See Measure Your Wrist Page

Complimentary Black Gift Box

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