Mariner Men's Bracelet featuring Denim Blue Sodalite Stones
Mariner Men's Bracelet featuring Denim Blue Sodalite Stones
Denim Blue Sodalite Gemstone

Mariner Bracelet

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The smell of the sea. The lapping of waves on a mahogany hull. Exotic ports of call. Mariners embrace the long history of brave souls who circumnavigated the Earth in search of riches, fame, and love. Raging storms and risks are part of sea adventure, but they are balanced by magnificent, incomparable sunsets, places of wonder and magic.

The Mariner bracelet captures the essence of life on the high seas - the Denim Blue Sodalite features remind one of life on the water. The black onyx and sterling silver beads speak to the timelessness of rugged individualism and wealth sought.

Dating back to ancient civilizations, the Sodalite crystal is claimed to promote the highest form of self-expression. Sculptors, painters, and artists were known to carry Sodalite for inspiration. And, the Sodalite crystal has a long held association with the color of the heavens - the magnificent clear blue expanse above the seas.


Denim Blue Sodalite Feature

Black Onyx

Sterling Silver Corrugated Accents

Antique Silver Finish Accents

Black Signature Closure

14lb. Test Elastic Powercord® for Strength and One Size Fits Most

Complimentary Black Gift Box

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