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Verano Bracelet
Verano Bracelet
Verano Bracelet
Verano Bracelet

Verano Bracelet

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Verano. Summer. Ete. Estate. Whatever the language, warm, mild months are cause for rejoycing! Travel, read, write, play outdoor sports, cook outside with family and friends, go camping. But, whatever you do, roll onto your wrist the Verano Bracelet – a bracelet to celebrate, well, Verano!

The Verano Bracelet by MancessoriesUSA embraces warm weather with an Orange Coral Feature Stone. Think a brilliant sunrise or blazing sunset. The Verano features clean white semi translucent Porcelain beads and Natural White Howlite stones.

Our creative team has placed White Howlite stones against stainless steel beads and antique silver-finished accent beads and spacers to round out the look. Wear this limited production Verano Bracelet when celebrating life.

Beliefs throughout history give coral positive attributes. Some think it has the power to protect the wearer against evil and enchantments, as well as cure madness. The Romans believed that red Mediterranean coral had magical and medicinal properties and their children often wore coral necklaces to protect from danger and keep healthy.

The wearer of the Verano Bracelet may find the White Howlite stones strengthening his memory recall and providing calm and reasoned communications: attributes valuable in any social situation.

Limited production.


Natural Shaped Orange Coral Feature

White Howlite Semiprecious Stones

Gloss Pure White Porcelain

Antiqued Silver Spacers and Saucers

Stainless Steel Beads

Black Signature Closure

14lb. Test Elastic Powercord® for Strength and One Size Fits Most

Complimentary Black Gift Box

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