You're Worth the Details

Arizona bracelet man Mancessories modern semi-precious stones style Tucson United States USA

Mancessories goes to great lengths to discover and offer custom and unique items to the "Modern Man of Style" or the man who wants to be more stylish.

Our lead designer has an extraordinary eye for melding color, shape and trends into fashionable menswear. Once the design team imagines a bracelet, buyers scour a plethora of sources for unique beads and findings to build and offer to you.

For example, it took a month to locate suitable dolomite marble stones for our Aegean bracelet that is reminiscent of the colors around the Mediterranean Sea. The time consumed in development is well spent because the Modern Man of Style expects the best. We want you to have a unique product to wear proudly - not a mass produced product.

Mancessories product descriptions are also written to be informative so you will be knowledgeable about what you are buying and can chat about it to those from whom you may receive compliments.

Mancessories bracelets are hand assembled by quality conscious craftsmen in our Tucson, Arizona, USA, office.